Dairy Funding Requests

Granite State Dairy Promotion will award funding to help organizations promote awareness of NH’s dairy industry. Funds are provided to ensure an ongoing educational and promotional campaign that supports NH dairy producers. To apply for project funding please read the Dairy Funding Requirements carefully. If you or your organization meet the outlined requirements, complete the funding application

Please Note:
The “Dairy Trailer,” is reserved for events exclusively hosted or sponsored by Granite State Dairy Promotion. The “dairy trailer” is intended for educational use at dairy producer open barns and or athletic events where the consumption of chocolate milk is promoted. If you or your organization do not meet the above criteria, the “dairy trailer” is not available for use.

GSDP – Dairy Funding Guidelines –Please Read Carefully

Purpose: Help fund projects that communicate, associate or correlate with the Mission of Granite State Dairy Promotion.

The Mission of Granite State Dairy Promotion is to increase the sale and use of milk and other dairy products through promotional activities, nutrition education, and to enhance the image of the dairy industry in New Hampshire

Funding: Applicants may apply for up to $500.00 per quarter

Funding requests may focus in the following areas to benefit NH’s dairy industry, but are not restricted to these areas exclusively:

  • General dairy education
  • Health benefits of dairy
  • Dairy farm practices
  • Improving public perception of dairy
  • Eradication of common dairy myths
  • Furthering youth education of dairy practices
  • Promotions, workshops, events that enhance NH’s dairy industry

Requests should clearly indicate what applicants are seeking:

  • Monetary project or event funding
  • Product Only–Milk, ice cream, other

Eligibility: Only New Hampshire organizations, agencies, and associations may apply for funding;
Preference will be given to those proposals that appear to give the broadest benefit to the New Hampshire dairy industry;

Funds are not available for group trips or travel expenses

Funds are not available to offset normal operating expenses

Funding is not available for political support purposes or memberships in professional societies or trade organizations

Youth applicants (4-H or schools) are encouraged to participate in the funding request process

Reporting: Funding recipients shall maintain an accurate record of activities, actions, and impact of funding received. Upon completion of the project, awardees must submit:

A report on the project and its results in terms of objectives stated (no more than one (1) page in length

Copies of material produced, when feasible



Selection: Applications will be evaluated and selected by the Granite State Dairy Promotion Board and its Director based on the merits of the project as put forth in the application


Applications Should Clearly State the Following:

  • Project Purpose – Clearly state the purpose of the project. The purpose should include the specific issue, problem, interest, or need to be addressed and why the project is important and timely;
  • Project Impact – Discuss the number of people or operations affected; the intended beneficiaries of the project;
  • Work Plan – Explain briefly the activities that will be performed to accomplish the objectives of the project; Who will do the work of each activity;
  • Project Oversight – Describe the oversight practices to ensure proper and efficient administration;
  • Budget Narrative -Provide sufficient information in paragraph or list format about the project’s budget. Each applicant must demonstrate funds are being expended on eligible activities that meet the purpose of the program;
  • Sponsor Recognition – Describe and explain how Granite State Dairy Promotion will be highlighted or acknowledged as a sponsor.

All materials submitted become the property of Granite State Dairy Promotion and cannot be returned to the applicant.

Please direct questions regarding the application process to:
Amy Hall, Director; 271-3696 or by email gsdp@comcast.net