Heart Song Farm

Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire

Heart Song Farm – Goat cheese is an ever evolving product. Part of the charm of farmstead cheese is the subtle changes in fat content and flavor throughout the milking season of the goats, based on pasture growth, weather and individual lactations. I find my typical following appreciates the seasonal differences and enjoys them. Due to the increasing demand for my goat milk cheeses, including my creamy Camembert, my ashed, mold ripened Valencay and my apple wood smoked buttons, I am hoping to expand, requiring larger processing areas and animal space for a larger herd. I hope that you will enjoy Heart Song Farm’s quality cheeses. Please feel free to contact me for special flavors, sizes or suggestions. I always value your input and stand behind my products, hoping to provide your total satisfaction.

Web Site: http://www.heartsongfarmnh.com/