Agape Homestead Farm, LLC

Agape Homestead Farm, LLC – Center Ossipee, NH

We are Kevin and Janna Straughan of Agape Homestead Farm in Center Ossipee, N.H. The Farm began unofficially in 1984 when we began raising laying hens, a few meat birds and a couple of lambs. We wanted to eat healthier and to enjoy the “farm” atmosphere.

When we moved to our current location in 1997, we began milking goats – first two – then three and four, and so-on. Our oldest son was our goat shepherd, and did all the milking and most of the chores. As is typical of many farm ventures, we expanded to include sheep, turkeys, pigs, a couple of beef cattle, etc., and began selling the products of our efforts to help pay for the farm expenses.

In 2004, we “officially” registered our farm as “Agape Homestead Farm, L.L.C”, becoming a licensed milk and cheese dairy in the State of New Hampshire, along with a Class D kitchen license. Kevin and Janna began working almost full time on the farm. In 2007, our commercial kitchen license changed to a Class C, and we were able to produce jams and jellies, relishes, salsa, etc. in addition to the baked goods we were already producing.

We now deliver cheese to approximately 20 wholesale customers throughout he state and have an on-site farm store open 7a.m.-7p.m. 7 days a week on an “honor system”. We also attend the Wolfeboro Farmer’ market in the summertime.

We love the idea of being as self-sufficient as we can, while blessing others as much as possible. People have asked how we named our farm and what it means. “Agape” is a Greek word which stands for “God’s perfect unconditional love”; it is also the name of our food pantry ministry (“Agape Ministries”) so it seemed natural to name the farm that as well since it is only by God’s love, grace, and mercy that we are able to do what we do.

We invite you to stop by for a visit

Agape Homestead Farm, LLC
40 Rt. 16 B
Center Ossipee, NH 03814
(603) 539-4456